Digitizing Classic Indian Tales – From Books to Edutainment Apps

Digitizing Classic Indian Tales –  From Books to Edutainment Apps

Most of us are hugely dependent on technology as it plays a vital role in our daily lives. Technology has made a sizable impact in every corner of our lives and has become an inherent part of our daily routine. Parents have inculcated interactive mobile apps in their day-to-day activities to stay updated and to keep their kids updated with the latest visual storytelling ebooks. And India is one of the nations where kids-learning apps are chiefly used.

Reasons for the shift:

  1. Digital tablets help students learn more material faster.
  2. 77% of Indian teachers feel that tablets increase a child’s motivation to learn.
  3. Tablets/ Storybook apps are capable of carrying hundreds of books on one device, thus eliminating the need for physical books.
  4. E-books cost way less than actual physical books.
  5. Tablets help better prepare kids for a world engrossed in technology.

Countless kids around the globe don’t have opportunity to browse through a library of books, fortunately they can pursue numerous stories via the internet. Many interactive and educational apps have been specially designed to quench a child’s desire for screen time so that they can get access to beautifully illustrated stories and educational games at their fingertips, while benefitting from a learning environment at the same time.

On FunDooDaa Books, parents will find best-selling Indian tales and mythologies from leading Indian authors that are directed at teaching kids Indian values and multiple languages. A few of the best-selling stories are:

1. The Talkative Tortoise:

The Talkative Tortoise fundoodaa story book

  1. This story is from The Panchatantra Tales.
  2. It teaches kids the perils of talking too much.
  3. The story is beautifully illustrated in Indian art style.
  4. Has a small section on”Tortoise Facts” at the end of the story.

The best part about stories from Panchatantra Tales is that each story always ends with a moral that has a pretty straightforward view of right and wrong. The message conveyed through the Panchatantra tales are relevant till date.

2.  The Rooster and the Sun

The Rooster and the Sun fundoodaa story book app

  1. This folktale is picked up from the “Ao tribe in Nagaland”
  2. The tale is based on the wittiness of the rooster.
  3. This helps kids learn that talent is hidden in everyone.
  4. Has a small section of “Rooster Facts” and fun learning activity at the end of the story.

Tales from the Ao tribe of Nagaland usually attempt to advance understanding of the ways and means of people or society and relates to the various entities of the universe around them.

3. The Princess Farmer

The Princess Farmer fundoodaa story books app

  1. It is a Bhili folktale about an unusual princess
  2. Kids understand that no job is big or small
  3. Has a small section on the fun learning activity at the end of the story.

Bhili folktales originated in the Western part of India. These stories were passed down by orally by generations and they usually talk about everyday people in everyday settings and teach kids the significance of a common man’s suffering.

To download these stories and more, check out FunDooDaa Books’ library of fairy tales, bedtime stories and Indian Mythology stories. Besides Indian stories, our App has an interactive and fun learning activity at the end of every story. All our ebooks also double as audio books and hence are kid-friendly. Kids can flip through each page at their own pace and can interact with the book to learn new words and their meanings as well as have fun with the animated characters.

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