How Exposure to Multiple Languages Makes Children Smarter (Bilingualism)

How Exposure to Multiple Languages Makes Children Smarter (Bilingualism)

Charlemagne once said that “To have another language is to possess a second soul”. Language, to be precise, is a reflection of an individual’s culture and identity. Mastering multiple languages is a gateway to having better knowledge about different cultures, people, traditions and beliefs. It makes an individual more intensely aware about their environment.

In order to raise children who are responsible and respectful of their surroundings, learning multiple languages is a necessity. Research indicates that kids’ brain tissues are highly active by the age of 5 and their tendency to pick up a new language is at it’s peak. Exposure to different languages helps to mould kids’ personalities by bringing out the best in them.

Here are some important reasons as to why parents must read to their kids in at least two languages :

  1. Learning a third language becomes simpler: Geoffrey Williams (singer-songwriter), says, “you can never understand one language until you understand at least two”. Research shows kids who are read to in multiple languages from an early age pick up languages faster. Reading books in multiple languages breeds familiarity of words, tone and enunciation expanding a child’s mental horizon and making learning an easier process.
  2. Better understanding of different cultures: We live in a land of diversity where each culture has a unique story to tell. Reading multilingual books helps kids explore and learn about different cultures and traditions of various communities and regions. They have a better knowledge about cultural heterogeneity and therefore exploring new places becomes interesting for them. This makes kids more liberal, tolerant and adaptable as individuals.                                                                                                                                                               story for kids
  3. Creativity reaches its peak: Research shows that multilingual kids are more creative than monolingual kids. Reading multilingual books not only enhances children’s ability to think logically but also boosts their creativity. Kids learn to play with new words and start experimenting with vocabulary. Phrasing new sentences using new words excite their mind and as such gives them the power to think out of the box and come up with creative sentences.
  4. Sharper memory: Learning a new language is like a mental exercise which helps a kid’s brain to function better. Reading books in multiple languages lengthens kids’ attention span and helps their brain work faster and better. The capacity to register unique and noble experiences also accelerates leading to an overall sharper memory. Studies show that multilingual kids perform better in school.                                                                             short story for kids
  5. Enhances multi-tasking ability: The procedure of switching from one language to another activates kids’ brain cells and as a result enhances their ability to multi-task. The result of an experiment explains that, while having a conversation, bilingual kids easily slip into different languages to frame sentences in the best possible way and clearly convey their ideas. The process of toggling from one language to another prepares their minds to master multi-tasking.
  6. Improves vocabulary: The most obvious reason to read to children in multiple languages is so that they learn new words. This not only builds a strong vocabulary but also helps them express themselves in ways more than one. They also learn how to structure sentences in a better way and their knowledge about syntax and grammar improves. Learning multiple languages will help kids to understand formations of different languages which in return will develop their communication skills at an early age.

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