Fun to read, Lots to learn

Introducing Fundoodaa- an e-library of stories, that makes reading fun and creates a bond between you and your child on the rich foundation of our Indian heritage.

Your child’s pocket library to learn, listen and play, packed with multi lingual stories and learning activities in categories like Tiny Tales, Naana & Naani, Pets & Pals, Funny & Witty, Birds & Animals, Royal Tales & Legends.

Fundoodaa comes to you on iOS, Android phones and Tablets. To entertain & expand your child’s imagination, to enhance their reading skills, improve their vocabulary, and build their observation capability.

Every story has 4 sections to choose from:

  1. Read & Learn – Your child can read along with the story in English and can choose to listen to an Indian, British or American storyteller. Fun interactions will keep your child engaged and meanings of keywords will help improve their vocabulary. Every time your child reads a story, they earn gold coins to fill their gold coins album. Also watch out for extras like, brainy bonus, spot the hidden objects & more.
  2. Tell me the story – Your child can hear the story in a Indian language of their choice. You can choose from English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, Telugu & Bengali.
  3. I can read – Your child can read the story on their own. Ideal for 5 years and above.
  4. Activity – A fun learning game based on the story. Activity time is family time!