Top 5 Bedtime Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Top 5 Bedtime Panchatantra Stories for Kids

To ensure better sleep and crucial brain development in children, a soothing bedtime story is necessary. It helps a child to wind down after a long day. Bedtime stories are great bonding opportunities for parents, especially if they are working parents. No child is too young to have a bedtime story, not even your newborn! And Panchatantra tales are just the right type of stories for bedtime.

Panchatantra is a selection of Indian folk tales written in Sanskrit. Panchatantra tales are the one of the most sought after collection of tales from the ancient Indian Civilization. Panchatantra tales are famous for their narrative, with animals and birds often being the central characters, thus providing valuable life lessons in a light-hearted manner.

Top 5 Bedtime Panchatantra tales for Kids are:

1. The talkative tortoise

This bedtime story from Panchatantra aims at teaching kids the value of listening rather than talking. It involves a tortoise and his helpful friends – wild ducks and how they are taught about the perils of talking too much. The story is accented with beautiful illustrations in Indian folk art style and is available in 8 Indian languages on Fundoodaa Books.


2. The Snake and the frog

An engaging Panchatantra story for kids with stunning pictures on Fundoodaa Books based on the wooden toys from Karnataka, in India. This story sets a perfect example to kids, that taking advantage of someone who is old and feeble is not right.

The illustrations on Fundoodaa Books makes the the story interactive and educational at the same time.


3. The Monkey and the wedge

An interesting tale of a group of monkeys, one of whom gets caught on the construction site of a Temple and learns a wishful lesson in the end. This tale helps teach kids not to interfere with other’s work. This Folktale also helps children learn stronger self-discipline and better responsiveness.


4. The Crane and the Crab

This a crafty tale of a old crane and a wise crab. It teaches kids to think on their feet at the time of need to overcome the situation at hand. It is a perfect bedtime story for kids as it is educational and helps kids to use their wit and become sharper in long run.


5. The King and the foolish monkey

In this ancient tale of Panchatantra, kids are taught about the type of friends they should make while growing up. This tale is a lesson on how a foolish friend can cause them more harm than an enemy. This Panchtantra tale with morals is a life-lesson to kids and will help them select their peer-group effectively throughout their lives.


Reading a bedtime story to your kids will help them nod off more easily, and wake up fresh and well-rested. Remember to keep these Panchatantra Tales on your night stand or better even, on your phone for easy and instant acess!

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